Iran denies Israeli embassy attacks

AP and AFP, Monday 13 Feb 2012

Iran's ambassador to India, foreign minister deny allegations that Iran is behind to bomb attacks against Israeli diplomats in India and Georgia

People examine a damaged Israeli embassy car after an explosion in New Delhi, Monday, (Photo: Reuters).

Iran's ambassador to India has rejected claims by Israel that Tehran was behind the attacks against Israeli diplomats in India.

Iran's official news agency IRNA quotes Mahdi Nabizadeh as saying Monday that Iran condemns any "terrorist" acts.

Nabizadeh calls Israeli accusations of Iranian links to the attack "lies."

Iran's foreign minister Ramin Mehmanparast also denied the accusation, saying to the Arabic Al-Alam television "we categorically reject the accusations made by the Zionist regime. They are part of a propaganda war."

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu blamed Iran for the attacks that wounded at least two people, one of them an Israeli woman.

"Iran is behind these attacks. It is the biggest exporter of terror in the world," Netanyahu told members of his rightwing Likud party.

The Israeli leader said there had been a number of attempts to harm Israelis and Jews in recent months, in places such as Thailand and Azerbaijan, in a series of attacks coordinated by Tehran and Lebanon's Shiite militia Hezbollah.

"In all these incidents, those responsible were Iran and its protege Hezbollah," he said.

Israel would continue to act "with a firm hand" to stamp out "international terror coming from Iran," he warned.

On Monday a car outside the Israeli embassy in New Delhi exploded in a ball of fire, injuring two people, one of whom was an Israeli woman, Netanyahu said.

Separately, the Georgian interior ministry confirmed that police in the capital Tbilisi had defused an explosive device found in the car of an Israeli embassy employee.

Mehmanparast said Iran "has also been the victim of terrorist actions," adding that "the Zionist regime itself is based on state terrorism and occupation" in reference to Israeli-occupied Palestinian land.

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