Israel eyes southern Sudan

Ahram Online, Sunday 9 Jan 2011

Israeli media predicts South Sudan to trigger a series of calls in other states for self-determination

Israeli political circles are monitoring the build up to Sunday's referendum in South Sudan claiming secession could lead to a spate of similar breakaways in Iraq, Turkey and Algeria.

Israel Today's analysis expects southern Sudan to be a promising country, largely in part due to its wealth of natural resources. It also added that several political and security sources in the South sent positive signals with regards to normalization of relations with Israel, should it become an independent country.

Zvi Barel, Haaretz's former managing editor, added that the citizens of the South are fully aware of national and global developments that 'necessitate' cooperating with the Israeli state.

Israeli daily Maariv added that Palestinians in south Sudan and southerners living in Israel are hoping for secession as well.

Israeli media reports on South Sudanese refugees living in the state said most refugees are convinced secession represents the ideal solution to the problems they face both socially and politically, including those that ultimately lead them to migrate to Israel.

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