Palestinian prisoners to boycott Israeli military courts

MENA, Wednesday 22 Feb 2012

Following the 66-day hunger strike by West Bank activist Khader Adnan, Palestinian administrative detainees reject legitimacy of Israeli courts by announcing boycott, Palestinian Prisoner's Club say

Flags raised by protesters outside Ofer prison near the West Bank city of Ramallah February 15 marking day-60 of Palestinian prisoner Khader Adnan's hunger strike, (Photo: Reuters).

Palestinian prisoners under administrative detention have shelved their differing political allegiances in order to jointly boycott Israeli military courts, announced the Palestinian Prisoner's club on Wednesday.  This action taken by those who have been detained without charge or a trial, the club explained, is a rejection of the legitimacy of these courts that rely on Israel's Shin Bet internal security agency for its ruling.

The association said in a statement on their website that the struggle of the prisoner Khadar Adnan, who underwent a 66-day hunger strike to protest his treatment by the Israeli authorities, started the battle to end administrative detentions altogether. This practice, the statement added, "has been used by Israel since the first days of the occupation, causing the suffering of thousands of Palestinians who have remained in Israeli prisons without a single charge under the alleged pretext of Israeli security." 

Adnan ended his hunger strike on Tuesday after reaching a deal with the Israeli prosecution who promised to abstain from renewing his detention and to release him on 17 April. By refusing to eat for 66 days, Adnan has broken historical records as the longest Palestinian hunger striker. His deteriorating health and the treatment by the Israeli authorities sparked Palestinian, Arab and International outrage at Israeli occupation practices.

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