US considers military option against Hezbollah

Saleh Naami in Gaza, Wednesday 12 Jan 2011

Israeli and American military officials indicate that the US would resort to military measures if Hezbollah reacts violently to the International Tribunal's potential indictment of its members

International Tribunal indictment

The United States would potentially intervene militarily in Lebanon if Hezbollah resorts to violent measures when challenging the International Tribunal's indictment, due to be issued in the next few weeks, an Israeli news website claimed.

Israeli and American military officials told Tid Debkka, an Israeli website specialising in intelligence-related news, that the Obama administration have given the Pentagon orders to further strengthen the US military presence near the Lebanese coast.

The sources added that intensive reinforcements will be arriving to the Mediterranean Sea near Lebanon tomorrow. Among these, will be included the “USS Enterprise”,  a US aircraft carrier, along with the Enterprise Carrier Strike Group which is composed of 5 ships and 6,000 troops.

“The US, by intensifying its presence in the Mediterranean Sea near Lebanon, is sending a clear message to Iran and Hezbollah that Washington will not hesitate to use force to defend the Lebanese government” the source added.

He also stated that the US, France, Saudi Arabia and Lebanon have agreed to a new set of measures to face the consequences of an International Tribunal indictment which might implicate senior members in Hezbollah of being involved in the assassination of ex-premier Rafiq Al-Hariri.

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