Libyans arrested for consulate attack

AFP, Friday 23 Mar 2012

Nearly 70 Libyans are arrested for storming Libya's consulate in Turkish city Istanbul and damaging property

People march with a giant Libyan flag in Benghazi, during a protest against transforming the country into a federal state March 9, 2012. (Photo: Reuters)

Dozens of Libyans were arrested Friday for attacking Libya's Istanbul consulate, demanding financial aid to pay for treatment they received in Turkey after being injured in the Libyan unrest.

Police arrested nearly 70 Libyan protestors after they stormed the consulate with stones and caused panic, an AFP photographer at the scene reported.

The Libyans arrived at the consulate to seek the financial assistance they said they were promised for treatment in Turkey for the injuries they sustained during the uprising in their country.

Some 20 protestors managed to get inside the consulate and damaged the property, but nobody was seriously injured, said the AFP photographer.

The protestors also clashed briefly with the police, throwing stones to push back the security forces.

In December, a group of 20 Libyans staged a similar protest at the same location to demand financial aid for hospital bills, but they were stopped by police when they tried to climb the buildings into the consulate yard.

Last April, a Turkish ferry brought 270 people from Misrata and 200 others from Benghazi in Libya for treatment at Turkish hospitals.

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