Sudan's acting foreign minister ‘surprised’ by spokesman’s comments on potential peace deal with Israel

Bassem Aly , Tuesday 18 Aug 2020

Netanyahu and the head of Sudan's transitional sovereign council, Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, had a meeting in Uganda in February

Sudan's acting foreign minister, Omar Qamar Al-Din, has denied that the country is looking to making a peace deal with Israel, contradicting comments made on Tuesday by the ministry's spokesman Haydar Sadig.
According to Al-Arabiya, Qamar Al-Din said the ministry was "surprised" by Sadig's statements and has sought to provide a clarification.
"Relations with Israel were not discussed by any means, and the spokesman was not assigned to give statements about them," said the Sudanese foreign minister.
Speaking to Sky News Arabia earlier on Tuesday, Sadig had said that Sudan was “looking forward” to a peace deal with Israel and that a Sudanese-Israeli deal should serve the interests of Sudan "without sacrificing values."
"There is no need to maintain enmity between Sudan and Israel," Sadig said. "We don't deny that [the two countries] are in contact."
Sadig added that peace would bring benefits for both countries.
The Sudanese official also praised the UAE’s recent deal with Israel to normalise ties. It had been brokered by the US. 
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