Sudanese army disrupts American and Israeli weapons supply in south Kordofan: Source

MENA, Monday 16 Apr 2012

Sudanese press claims the northern army has cut supply operations of Israeli and American arms and heavy weaponry in Heglig, south Kordofan

A view of a destroyed T-72 tank, (Photo: US Department of Defense).

Sudanese sources claim that the Sudanese military successfully cut supply operations to South Sudanese forces in Heglig, south Kordofan.

Sources quoted in the press claim that Sudanese forces destroyed all military vehicles used by the south's Sudan People's Liberation Army (SPLA) in Heglig, which included T-72 tanks as well as American-made rocket launchers and advanced Israeli weaponry.

According to the sources, the Sudanese army was able to control the whole area and foiled an attempt to supply the SPLA via its air force to support retreating troops.

The Sudanese daily, Al-Intibaha, reports that their sources told them that security forces are currently undertaking a total clean-up operation in Heglig, saying the operations that took place on Sunday are tantamount to the final stages of an invasion.

Sunday saw a major Sudanese military operation to expel South Sudanee forces stationed in many areas, including the town of Meiram and around Abyei, according to the paper.

The Sudanese government warned South Sudan on Sunday against any destruction to Heglig's oil infrastructure, saying that any sabotage will open the door to a full-blown war.

Sudan's minister of media asserted that attacking the infrastructure would drastically alter conflict, also warning the South against touching the oil fields.

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