Jordan Islamists urge 'renaissance' in Arab world

AFP, Sunday 16 Jan 2011

Jordan's Islamist opposition called on Arab regimes Sunday to carry out genuine reforms leading to "renaissance," after Tunisia's strongman Zine El Abidine Ben Ali's ouster in a popular revolt

People demonstrate against the government in Amman (Reuters)

"We share the joy of our Tunisian brother after getting rid of the dictator (Ben Ali)," the Islamic Action Front (IAF) in Jordan, the powerful political arm of the country's Muslim Brotherhood, said in a statement on its website.

Jordan's Islamist opposition also called "on Arab regimes to review their policies, give people their rights and start genuine reforms, leading to a comprehensive renaissance."

Ben Ali fled to Saudi Arabia on Friday after a popular uprising sparked by the suicide of a university graduate prevented by police from selling fruit and vegetables to make a living.

The IAF said main the problem in the Arab region is "tyranny."

"Tyranny is the mother of all evil in the Arab world. This explains the state of retardation in the Arab world, despite all elements of success and progress the Arabs have," it added.

In Jordan, where the grumble of discontent poured onto the streets with thousands demonstrating against soaring commodity prices on Friday, about 50 trade unionists have held a sit-in outside the Tunisian embassy in Amman chanting "The Tunisian Revolution will spread."

The foreign ministry has said the kingdom "respects the choice of the Tunisian people."

"The government is closely following developments in Tunis and calls on all Tunisians to work together for the good of their country," it said in statement on Saturday.

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