4 Palestinians killed, over 100 hurt in West Bank unrest

AFP , Ahram Online , Friday 14 May 2021

Four Palestinians were killed by Israeli fire in the West Bank on Friday, as clashes injured more than 100 people in the occupied territory

A picture shows the explosion after an Israeli strike targeted a building in Gaza City on May 14, 2021. AFP

Four Palestinians were killed by Israeli fire in the West Bank on Friday, as clashes injured more than 100 people in the occupied territory.

Israeli violence on Fridays in the West Bank is a traditional facet of the long running Israeli-Palestinian conflict, but the fresh unrest comes as Israel is engaged in major hostilities with Palestinian armed groups in Gaza.

Israel occupation army said it "neutralised" an assailant who attempted to stab at soldier at a military post in Ofra, north of Ramallah.

The Palestinian health ministry confirmed the man's death and that of a second man it said was shot dead by Israeli troops near Jenin.

A statement from the Israeli army said troops had fired at "a main instigator" of a "violent riot" by Yaabad, a village near Jenin.

Two more Palestinians wounded by live Israeli fire in clashes in the northern West Bank were pronounced dead shortly later.

There have been daily clashes in the West Bank since Monday, when a conflict between Israel and Palestinian armed groups in Gaza escalated.

The Palestinian Red Crescent said Friday's West Bank clashes, affecting multiple locations, had left more than 100 people wounded, including from tear gas and rubber bullets.

A Palestinian security source told AFP that Friday's unrest was "the most intense since the second intifida," the uprising that began in 2000.

Since early April, the Palestinians have been protesting Israel’s willingness to capture their houses in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in East Jerusalem, that both their predecessors and they have been living in for long decades.

The Palestinians also resorted to contentious politics because they faced violence: Israeli security forces and settlers regularly attack them. 

Hamas warned Israel to withdraw its forces from Sheikh Jarrah by 6 pm on 5 May. The Islamist militant group, which rules Gaza, also wanted the release of the Palestinians protesters who were detained during protests in East Jerusalem.

Hamas has launched more than 1,800 rockets towards Israel since last Monday, the Israeli army said.

Israel has responded with heavy air strikes and artillery fire on more than 600 targets in the blockaded Gaza. Nine people have died in Israel from Gaza rockets and 119 people have been killed in Gaza by the Israeli air strikes.

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