Tunisia’s labour federation calls for ‘clear participatory roadmap’, abiding by the constitution

Ahram Online , Monday 26 Jul 2021

In a statement on its website, the powerful UGTT saluted the Tunisian military's patriotism and protection of the civil state and urged all parties to keep it far from 'political quarrels'

Tunisia’s UGTT
File Photo: Tunisia’s UGTT logo with the Tunisian flag during a march organised by the federation. Photo courtesy of Public Service International website.

Tunisia’s General Union of Labour (UGTT) called on Monday for the development of a “clear participatory roadmap” and abiding by the constitution after President Kais Saied ousted premier Hichem Mechichi and suspended the legislature on Sunday.

The UGTT — one out of four Tunisian institutions that received a Nobel Peace Prize in 2015 for brokering a post-revolution transitional deal between political forces — said it wants the roadmap to outline “goals, means, and a calendar, reassuring the people and dispelling fears.”

In a statement published on its website, the powerful labour organisation saluted the military and urged all parties to keep it far from “political quarrels.”

This is based on the UGTT’s belief in the military institution's “nobility, patriotism, and unconditional adherence to the protection of the country and people and preservation of the civil state.”

The statement emphasised the need for reviewing the measures related to the judiciary to ensure its independence.

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