Sudanese army says repulses Ethiopian forces' attempt to encroach into Sudanese territories

Xinhua , Sunday 26 Sep 2021

The Sudanese army on Sunday said it has repulsed an attempt by Ethiopian army to encroach into Sudanese territories on the borderline between the two countries.

Sudanese Army
Clashes erupted late last year between Sudanese and Ethiopian forces over Al-Fashqa. AFP

"The (Sudanese) army has managed to repulse an attempt by the Ethiopian forces to encroach into Um Barakit sector in eastern of the country," Press Adviser to the General Commander of the Sudanese Armed Forces, Brig. Al-Tahir Abu-Haga, told Xinhua on Sunday.

He added that the Sudanese army has forced the Ethiopian forces to retreat.

Losses resulting from the clashes between the two sides have not yet been reported.

Since September 2020, the Sudan-Ethiopia border has been witnessing rising tensions and skirmishes between the two sides.

Sudan accuses Ethiopian farmers, backed by armed forces, of seizing Sudanese lands at Fashaga area along the border and cultivating them since 1995.

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