Palestinian paralysed after Shabak administered unknown substance

Saleh Naami in Gaza, Tuesday 18 Jan 2011

Palestinian prisoners say Shabak drugged a prisoner causing paralysis, a common practice according to rights group Waed

Palestinian detainees revealed that the Israeli Shabak had drugged a Palestinian prisoner which might have directly resulted in the onset of paralysis.

The Palestinian prisoners said that a Shabak officer asked a collaborator in the desert prison of Eichel to put a pill in a coffee cup then hand it to a Palestinian prisoner who then became paralysed.

Other serious symptoms manifested such as loss of focus and, among other things, involuntary urination.

The collaborator confessed, after being interrogated by fellow prisoner, that the Shabak had given him a red squared pill and asked him to put it in the prisoner's drink.

The prisoner in question was serving a long sentenced after being charged of targeting an Israeli.

Human-rights organisation Waed, which defends prisoners' rights, said that Shabak's approach is one of many used in the execution of prisoners and "yet another crime in the list of Israel's [unlawful] conduct in prisons."

"This is not the first time prisoners have been given unknown medication," a statement released by the organisation said, adding that Ahmed Abdel-Salam Abdin died after being given an unknown substance by prison security.

Waed pointed out that the number of detainees killed at the hands of the occupying forces since the1967 war is roughly 200.   

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