At least five buried under collapsed Sanaa building

AFP , Wednesday 19 Jan 2011

Four people rescued as five others remain buried under rubble

Rescuers worked on Wednesday to free five people still trapped in the rubble of a multi-storey building which collapsed in the Yemeni capital, after four other people were rescued, rescue workers told AFP.

The building's owner, his daughter and granddaughter were among those saved from the ruins of the five-storey city centre building, they said. But five tenants were still in the wreckage caused by the dawn collapse.

The 12-year-old granddaughter was seriously wounded and lost a leg, said an AFP correspondent at the scene.

Rescuers later extracted a man with minor injuries, and all four survivors were hospitalised.

They said at least five people, one of whom one managed to make a call on his mobile phone, remained buried.

The apartment block's first three floors had been constructed without pillars, and two additional floors of reinforced concrete added to the building later. A relay antenna was also installed on the roof.

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