NCS records 131 terrorist attacks in ME during October

Ahram Online , Thursday 11 Nov 2021

The number of terror attacks decreased to 131 during October in the Middle East instead of 140 attacks in September 2021, according to a recent report by Egypt’s National Centre for Studies (NCS) on the state of terrorism in the larger Middle East.

Bomb attacks in Baghdad market
File Photo: People and security forces gather at the site of deadly bomb attacks in a crowded eastern Baghdad market, IS group claimed responsibility for a suicide bombing on 19 July 2021, that killed at least 36 people and injured 60 more. AP

The report said that 116 out of the 131 attacks were carried out in countries with political instability in the region, representing 88.5 percent, while 15 attacks, around 11.5 percent, were carried out in stable countries.

All the terrorist attacks in some of the region’s countries — which are suffering from conflicts with armed groups — were excluded from the report.

The pattern of most attacks, as usual, varied between armed attacks and explosions. The report monitored 56 armed attacks — 55 of which in countries with political instability and one in a stable country — while 50 explosions occurred in the region — 44 of which in unstable countries and six in stable ones.

The NCS report also referred to an increase in kidnappings and killings by terrorist organisations, with eight operations recorded in October 2021, comparing to 3 operations throughout the month of September.

The rate of suicide operations, however, remained stable during the last two months at four suicide operations.

The report, the tenth by the NCS, placed Iraq in the September report at the forefront of terrorism-stricken countries, with 54 terrorist acts carried out there. Afghanistan ranked second with 36 attacks and Somalia the third at 17 attacks.

The report also revealed the Islamic State group’s attempts to use the sectarian card, which emerged in the cases of Afghanistan and Iraq, as after the organisation carried out a number of fierce attacks against Shias in the two countries, which resulted in hundreds of casualties.

Finally, the report praised the distinguished efforts of the security and intelligence services in both Iraq and Sudan which led to the successful capturing of Sami Jassim, Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi’s deputy and responsible for transferring IS families from Syria to Iraq, as well as the fall of many IS militants who were intending to carry out some terrorist attacks in Sudan.

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