Iraqi forces launch large-scale security operation in Anbar

MENA , Saturday 27 Nov 2021

The Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF) announced on Saturday, launching a large-scale security operation to eliminate the terrorist remnants of Daesh on Al Khalidiya Island in Anbar province.

PMF launches a large-scale security operation in east al-Anbar. AFP

"The Eastern Anbar Operations Command at PMF, represented by brigades (2-7-27), and with the support of the Directorate of Medicine and Military Engineering, launched a wide inspection operation to pursue Daesh remnants in Al Khalidiya Island and its surrounding areas," PMF said in a statement, received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA).

The statement added that the troops launched this security operation due to the obtained information and the accurate intelligence follow-up about the presence of Daesh terrorist gangs on the island and its surrounding areas.

It noted the security forces continue to advance on two axes, according to the plans drawn to achieve all their goals. 

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