Tunisia unions demand 'roadmap' to end state of exception

AFP , Saturday 4 Dec 2021

Tunisia's powerful UGTT trade union confederation demanded a "national dialogue" and a "roadmap" out of a state of exception imposed by President Kais Said, at a rally attended by thousands of supporters on Saturday.

Noureddine Taboubi, secretary-general of the UGTT
Noureddine Taboubi, secretary-general of the Tunisian General Labour Union (UGTT), holds flags of Tunisia and the UGTT as he speaks at the commemoration of the 69th anniversary of the assassination of its founder Farhat Hached, in the capital Tunis on December 4, 2021. AP

"Tunisia will not be built with individualism," UGTT secretary general Noureddine Taboubi told AFP after addressing supporters, calling on the president to adopt a "participatory approach".

"Work, freedom and national dignity," the demonstrators chanted. "With our souls and our blood, we will defend the UGTT."

Saied sacked the government, suspended parliament and assumed exceptional powers on July 25, citing an "imminent threat" to the country. Many of his detractors have accused him of staging a constitutional takeover.

On September 22, Saied suspended parts of the constitution and installed rule by decree.

The president has since sought to assure Washington that he is seeking a way out of the state of exception.

The UGTT was a joint winner of the 2015 Nobel Peace Prize for its role in the transition from the iron-fisted rule of deposed president Zine El Abidine Ben Ali.

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