Syria resembles 1990s Bosnia: London

AFP , Sunday 10 Jun 2012

British Foreign Secretary William Hague likens situation in Syria to 1990s conflict in Bosnia

The situation in Syria resembles that of Bosnia in the 1990s, British Foreign Secretary William Hague said Sunday.

He said Syria seemed on the edge of collapse into sectarian civil war, as he refused to rule out the option of military intervention.

"We don't know how things are going to develop. Syria is on the edge of a collapse or of a sectarian civil war, and so I don't think we can rule anything out," Hague told Sky News television.

"But it is not so much like Libya last year, where we had, of course, a successful intervention to save lives.

"It is looking more like Bosnia in the 1990s, of being on the edge of a sectarian conflict in which neighbouring villages are attacking and killing each other," Hague said.

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