Libya's parliament urges all parties to help create suitable atmosphere for elections

MENA , Sunday 26 Dec 2021

The Foreign Affairs Committee of the Libyan House of Representatives called on all sides on Sunday to contribute to creating an appropriate atmosphere for presidential and parliamentary elections and to refrain from media escalation or attempts to foment internal seditions.

Libyan parliament
A general view of Libyan Parliament. AFP

In a statement, the House of Representatives reiterated keenness to fulfill the aspirations of the Libyan people to hold presidential and parliamentary elections as soon as possible and to resolve all obstacles facing this, according to the Libyan News Agency.

It noted that the House of Representatives fulfilled its duties in approving the parliamentary and presidential elections law and following up the work of the High Electoral Commission.

It condemned the statement issued by the United Kingdom's embassy in Libya yesterday, Friday, considering it unacceptable interference in internal Libyan affairs.

The committee expressed astonishment that this statement came in the context of the British Embassy’s congratulations to the Libyan people on the country’s Independence Day, considering that the British statement is a violation of diplomatic norms, and has caused popular resentment throughout the country.

The committee stressed that the Libyan people, through the official institutions that represent them, are the decision-maker in running the affairs of their country, stressing that choosing a new government or maintaining the current one is up to the Libyan House of Representatives to decide, and everyone must respect the rules of democratic governance. 

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