In Photos: Jordanian parliament discussion on constitutional reforms sparks brawls

Ahram Online , Tuesday 28 Dec 2021

A Jordanian parliament session debating constitutional reforms saw verbal altercations that turned into scuffles between some deputies on Tuesday.

Jordanian parliament quarrel
Jordanian parliament members are separated during an altercation in the parliament in the capital Amman on December 28, 2021. AFP

The parliament was discussing the amendment of Article VI of the constitution, which adds the feminine noun for a Jordanian citizen in Arabic to the phrase: “Jordanians shall be equal before the law. There shall be no discrimination between them as regards to their rights and duties on grounds of race, language or religion”. 

The feminine noun for a Jordanian raised the ire of some deputies, with several angrily disputed the amendment as "useless", in the session broadcast on Al-Mamlaka television channel.

Parliament Speaker Abdelkarim al-Daghmi suspended the session for half an hour in a bid to calm the situation.

However, after the session was resumed the altercations continued, prompting al-Daghmi to postpone it until Wednesday morning.

Among other constitutional reforms to be discussed are the creation of a "National Security Council", and the halving of the house speaker's mandate to one year from the current two-year terms.


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