Iraqi Intelligence Agency destroys three IS hideouts in Anbar desert

Ahram Online , Thursday 13 Jan 2022

The Iraqi Intelligence Agency destroyed three Islamic State (IS) hideouts deep in the Anbar desert, the Iraqi Ministry of Interior announced on Thursday.

ISIS hideouts
Iraq Intelligence Agency destroys ISIS warehouses, in Anbar desert, on January 13, 2022. (photo courtesy of Iraq News Agency)

The Iraqi News Agency reported that the Security Media Cell said in a statement that the Federal Intelligence and Investigations Agency in the Iraqi Ministry of Interior continues its proactive qualitative operations, and according to the confessions of one of the arrested terrorists and his evidence, the detachments managed to destroy three hideouts for ISIS terrorist gangs.

The IS terrorists used the hideouts as warehouses for logistical support, including food, spare wheels, and a fuel station, the statement read.

“The dens that were destroyed included a den in the Ma’il Al-Qadh area, 100 kilometres into the desert. The dens were established inside the mountain to be a safehouse for the terrorists. The safehouse consisted of four rooms, a hall, and a kitchen.”

The statement also indicated that there was another den in the Jalabat area, 150 kilometres into the desert, that was used as a haven for IS militants.

“The Jalabat den was considered a warehouse for logistical support of food materials and a fuel station consisting of drums of gasoline, gas cylinders, and spare materials,” the statement read. 

Furthermore, another hideout in the Jalabat area was destroyed. It reportedly contained foodstuffs, medical materials, and sleeping mats, along with two improvised explosive devices that were confiscated by the agency’s men.

Security forces have also destroyed a vehicle used by IS militants that was used for kidnapping and interrogating individuals in the area of the Atbel Valley, according to the statement.

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