Israel 'won't hesitate' to foil Iranian attacks abroad: PM

Xinhua , Tuesday 14 Jun 2022

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett warned on Tuesday that his country "will not hesitate" to use power to thwart Iran's plans to carry out attacks against Israelis abroad.

 Naftali Bennett
Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett speaks during a joint-press conference with the European Commission president in Jerusalem on June 14, 2022. AFP


"In recent days, we have been witnessing attempts to harm Israelis in various locations overseas," Bennett said in a public speech, amid warnings by Israeli security agencies that Tehran was planning to attack Israeli tourists in Turkey.

"We will not hesitate to use the power of the State of Israel anywhere in the world in order to protect our citizens," Bennett said.

On Monday, Israel's National Security Council Counter-Terrorism Bureau raised the travel warning for Istanbul, Turkey to "Level 4," the highest level.

It said in a statement that the move was taken in the wake of the "continuing nature of the threat and the increased Iranian intentions to attack Israelis in Turkey, especially Istanbul."

The council called on Israelis to leave Istanbul as soon as possible and to avoid flying to Turkey "until further notice."

Iran did not immediately comment on the Israeli allegations.

Iran has accused Israel of killing on May 22 Hassan Sayyad Khodaei, an Islamic Revolution Guards Corps colonel, vowing to avenge his death. Khodaei was shot and killed by two motorcyclists in the east of Tehran, Iran's capital.

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