Olmert adviser says Al-Jazeera leaks 100% correct

Saleh Naami , Monday 24 Jan 2011

A media adviser for ex-prime minister Ehud Olmert confirmed the authenticity of Al-Jazeera's leaked documents

The media adviser for the former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, Yankie Galenty, affirmed that Al-Jazeera's leaks are 100 per cent correct indicating that they cover Palestinian-Israeli negotiations from December 2006 till the end of Olmert's term in office.

Olmert’s media adviser, responsible for releasing Israeli army statements, said that he cannot understand the reason behind publishing the documents but that he can confirm that serious negotiations were going on at the time. If Israel wanted to put a serious plan on the table then it theoretically has nothing to hide, he said.

The documents prove that the Palestinian side came to the negotiations with good intentions, he added, or else they wouldn't document it in a 1,600 documents.

"The [Palestinian] Authority was convinced of the solution and wanted to achieve it," Yankie Galenty said.

After that, he continued, the Israelis received hints and messages in which Abu Mazen expressed regret over not signing a statement of understanding and thereby ending the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

With regards to the issue of the refugees, Yankie Galenty said "Olmert, from day one, did not deceive Abu Mazen and told him that Israel will not allow the return of refugees and not one refugee will return to the land of Israel."

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