Israeli army kills 2 more Palestinians in West Bank

AP , Thursday 3 Nov 2022

Israeli forces killed a Palestinian in the West Bank on Thursday, Palestinian officials said, and a Palestinian was shot dead after stabbing a police officer in east Jerusalem.

Israeli occupation forces
Israeli border police officers stand guard next to the scene of a stabbing attack in Jerusalem s Old City, Thursday, Nov. 3, 2022. AP


The violence flared as Israel tallies the final votes in national elections held this week, with former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expected to lead a comfortable majority backed by far-right allies.

The Palestinian Health Ministry said a Palestinian man was killed by Israeli fire in the occupied West Bank. Israeli police said it happened during a raid in the territory and alleged the man threw a firebomb at the forces.

The ministry identified the man as Daoud Mahmoud Khalil Rayan, 42, from Beit Duqqu, in the West Bank.

Israeli police said paramilitary border guards had raided the home in the town of a Palestinian who slammed his car into an Israeli soldier on Wednesday.

The guards faced a violent protest there, with demonstrators throwing stones and firebombs at the forces. The forces opened fire on the thrower of the firebomb, police said.

In a separate incident Thursday, a Palestinian stabbed a police officer in Jerusalem's Old City, police said, and officers opened fire on the attacker, killing him. The officer was lightly wounded.

The violence came as a political shift is underway in Israel after national elections, with former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu set to return to power in a coalition government made up of far-right allies, including the extremist lawmaker Itamar Ben-Gvir, who in response to the incidents said Israel would soon take a tougher approach to attackers.

``The time has come to restore security to the streets,'' he tweeted. ``The time has come for a terrorist who goes out to carry out an attack to be taken out!''

The violence was the latest in a wave of Israeli-Palestinian fighting in the West Bank and east Jerusalem that has killed more than 175 Palestinians this year, making 2022 the deadliest.

The violence intensified in the spring, after a wave of Palestinian attacks against Israelis killed 19 people, prompting Israel to launch a months-long operation in the West Bank it says is meant to dismantle militant networks. The raids have been met in recent weeks by a rise in attacks against Israelis, killing at least three.

Also on Thursday, Israel said it was removing checkpoints in and out of the city of Nablus. Israel had imposed the restrictions weeks ago, clamping down on the city in response to a new militant group known as the Lions' Den.

The military has conducted repeated operations in the city in recent weeks, killing or arresting the group's top commanders.

Israel captured the West Bank in the 1967 Mideast war, and has since maintained a military occupation over the territory and settled more than 500,000 people there. The Palestinians want the territory, along with the West Bank and east Jerusalem, for their hoped-for independent state.

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