Israel: the Obama administration seeks to isolate us

Saleh Naami , Tuesday 25 Jan 2011

Israeli groups with the the ministry of foreign affairs accuse the United States of campaigning against their national interest

Official bodies within the Israeli foreign ministry accused the current US administration of launching a campaign to isolate the Israeli state.

The state's army radio reported Tuesday morning that an Israeli ambassador to an undisclosed European state was called in by the country’s foreign ministry for questioning. The ambassador was told that Israel must prepare for international pressures and an increased isolation due to an American initiative led by President Barack Obama.

The aforementioned bodies accused Washington of asking a number of European countries to exert economic pressure on the Israeli state due to its failure to comply with requirements related to the peace process.

They also claimed that the US administration has focused its efforts on Germany, which is considered Israel's biggest business partner, asking Berlin to utilise its economic ties with Tel Aviv and pressure Binyamin Netanyahu's government to change its intransigent stance.

It was also confirmed by these official bodies that the Obama administration seeks, from behind the scenes, to issue a strong Quartet statement against Israel. The Quartet on the Middle East includes national and supra-national entities mediating the Arab- Israeli conflict. The UN, US, EU, and Russia, also known as the Madrid Quartet are set to meet soon to discuss the deadlocked peace process.

The bodies within Israel’s foreign ministry expressed fears of European countries joining the list of those that have already recognised a Palestinian state. They pointed out that they expect Spanish and Irish declarations of recognition and do not exclude countries like Germany and France from following suit.

Later Tuesday morning, in an interview with Israel’s army radio, Deputy Prime Minister confirmed the statement in the report, but avoided direct criticism of the Obama administration.

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