New powerful quake hits southeast Turkey

AP , Monday 6 Feb 2023

Turkey's disaster management agency has reported that a new earthquake of magnitude 7.6 occurred close to the epicenter of Monday's previous deadly quake, which also generated dozens of aftershocks.

Ekinozu Turkey map
Major magnitude 7.5 earthquake - 20 km south of Elbistan, Kahramanmaraş, Turkey, on Monday, Feb 6, 2023 at 12:24 pm (GMT +2)


The U.S. Geological Survey recorded the magnitude of the latest shock that occurred around 10:24 GMT at 7.5 magnitude, with a depth of just 10 kilometers. Shallow earthquakes cause more damage.

It put the temblor near the town of Ekinozu, Turkey, also close to the southeastern city of Gaziantep which has a population of 2 million people and where the temperatures on Monday were hovering just above freezing.

Orhan Tatar, an official from the Turkish disaster agency, told reporters that the two quakes were independent of each other. He said hundreds of aftershocks were expected after both.

The aftershock was felt as far as the eastern Mediterranean island nation of Cyprus, where people took to social media to post footage of swaying curtains, while employees working in some high-rise buildings in the capital, Nicosia, quickly rushed outside.

In the early hours of Monday morning, ​ a powerful 7.8 magnitude earthquake rocked southeastern Turkey and northern Syria, toppling hundreds of buildings and killing more than 1,300 people.

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