Iraqi speaker calls for final decision to return Syria to Arab world

MENA , Saturday 25 Feb 2023

President of the Arab Parliament Union and Speaker of the Iraqi Council of Representatives Muhammad al-Halbousi called Saturday on the Arab countries to take a final decision to return Syria to the Arab fold, stressing the importance of unifying the efforts to face all challenges.

Arab parliament union
A snap shot of the Arab parliament union meeting on Saturday 25 February, 2023.


During the thirty-fourth conference of the Arab Inter Parliamentary Union, Al-Halbousi called on the Arab world "to work hard for [Syria’s] stability and the rehabilitation of its infrastructure, and for the return of our Syrian brothers, who were displaced by the war, to their homes and country."

He pointed out that "Syria in recent days has gone through difficult circumstances following the devastating earthquake, which caused severe damage to lives and property, and all of this requires us all to strive and continue the duty of support until the repercussions of the crisis and its difficult effects are cleared."

Al-Halbousi said that "this summit constitutes an important step in strengthening relations between Arab countries."

"We are aware of the importance of this Arab support in advancing towards a secure Iraq, a stable Middle East, and an Arab nation that grows and progresses in parallel with the needs of the times and the requirements of the current and future stage."

In the same conference, Speaker of Syrian People’s Assembly Hammouda Sabbagh called upon regional and international federations and parliamentary bodies and the UN member states to put more pressure on Western countries that impose unjust economic measures on the Syrian people to immediately lift them and to move quickly to break the unfair blockade and extend assistance to overcome the impacts of the earthquake. 

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