PM heads Libya delegation to Morocco

AFP , Monday 6 Aug 2012

Libya's transitional PM visits Morocco to discuss the political conflict in Mali and opportunities of economic cooperation

Libya's interim premier Abdel Rahim al-Kib will visit Morocco on Tuesday for a two-day visit due to focus on the crisis in Mali, the Maghreb and economic cooperation, an official in Rabat told AFP.

"The situation in the Maghreb, in Mali, in the Sahel, as well as in the Moroccan (Western) Sahara" will be discussed during the visit, in which the Libyan prime minister will meet his Moroccan counterpart Abdelilah Benkirane, the foreign ministry official said.

Kib would be accompanied by nine ministers, including the economics and justice ministers, who would hold meetings with the relevant members of Morocco's Islamist-led coalition government. "This visit will focus on political dialogue and the strengthening of economic cooperation" between the two countries, the official added.

The Moroccan community in Libya, estimated at more than 100,000 people before the revolution that toppled Muammar Gaddafi last year, will also be under discussion. Ties between Rabat and Tripoli have improved since Gaddafi's ouster and killing last October.

Both countries belong to the dormant Arab Maghreb Union, a five-nation organisation founded in 1989 whose members also include Algeria, Mauritania, and Tunisia. The deteriorating security situation in Mali appears to have spurred the five nations into action, with their interior ministers due to meet in Morocco later this year, after Maghreb foreign ministers met in Algiers last month.

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