Syria regime claims control of Aleppo district, rebels deny

AFP , Wednesday 8 Aug 2012

Fierce battle in Aleppo as the forces loyal to Bashar al-Assad regime claims control while the Free Syrian army denies

Syria's regime forces have seized full control of Aleppo's Salaheddin district, state news agency SANA said on Wednesday, a claim the rebel Free Syrian Army denied.

"Our brave armed forces have taken full control of the district of Salaheddin," SANA said.

FSA Colonel Abdel Jabbar al-Oqaidi told AFP via Skype that "it is not true the regime army has seized control of the district."

"It is true that there is a barbaric and savage attack."

SANA news agency said troops had "inflicted heavy losses on groups of armed terrorists, killing or wounding a large number of them."

"Dozens of other terrorists were arrested, and some surrendered and put down their weapons."

A security source in Damascus said the army has seized control of Salaheddin's main streets.

"The elimination of pockets of resistance should continue until Thursday morning," the source said. "The army's intention is to then seize the adjacent district of Seif al-Dawla, to the east."

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