Israeli forces attack anti-colonization protesters

Mohamed Badereldin , Friday 14 Jul 2023

Israeli occupation forces attacked on Friday dozens of Palestinians taking part in an anti-colonization protest in protesters and arrested seven Palestinians during raids into the occupied West Bank provinces of Hebron and Ramallah.

Mourners march with the yellow flags of Fatah and the green of Hamas during the funerary procession of Abdel Jawad Hamdan Saleh, who was killed a day earlier during a demonstration against Israeli settlements in the village of Umm Safa, on July 8, 2023. AFP


The raids came as Israeli soldiers attacked Palestinian demonstrators in the town of Umm Safa, located north of Ramallah, where protesters had gathered to demonstrate against attempts by Israeli settlers to take over Palestinian-owned property.

Following Friday prayers, soldiers fired tear gas canisters at the protesters, causing many to suffer from gas inhalation, while one protester was hit in the leg with a gas canister, according to Palestinian press agency, WAFA.

The latest raid to the village last Friday resulted in the death of Abd al-Jawad Saleh, 24, a palestinian youth who succumbed to deadly bullet wounds to the chest from Israeli gunfire.

This attack follows a violent assault by state-backed Israeli settler militias in Umm Safa last month, during which several houses and vehicles were destroyed. Dozens of Israeli settlers, some of them armed with guns and protected by the military and border guards, attacked the village and fired indiscriminately at homes and cars.

Israeli forces also carried out raids in  multiple towns in the Hebron province, including Al-Shuyukh, Dura, Ad-Dahiliya, Al-Fawal refugee camp, and Hebron city, where six Palestinians were arrested, WAFA added.  

In Ramallah province, a Palestinian teenager was also detained after Israeli soldiers raided his home in Nilin, according to WAFA. 

Such raids and attacks against Palestinians have become routine under the Israeli military administration, with Israeli forces invading Palestinian neighborhoods on an almost daily basis to arrest or search residents. 

This has led to an increasing number of attacks by Israeli colonists against Palestinians, as well as acts of terrorism throughout the occupied West Bank, including Jerusalem, with the far-right Israeli government accused of providing support for settler violence.

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