Leader of Palestinian Islamic Jihad says more than 30 Israeli prisoners held by his group

AP , Sunday 8 Oct 2023

The leader of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad group says militants in Gaza are holding dozens of Israeli prisoners, including more than 30 held by his group.

Ziad Nakhaleh
Palestinian Islamic Jihad leader Ziad Nakhaleh.Photo: YouTube


Ziad Nakhaleh said in a televised speech Sunday night that the captives will not be released until all Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails are set free.

He added that the group has more than 30 prisoners.

The Palestinian Islamic Jihad group took part in the operation that Hamas carried out Saturday in which hundreds of Israelis were killed.

“The prisoners that are being held are in the tens and I can say that they are much more than that,” said Nakhaleh, who usually lives in Beirut.

Nakhaleh added that Israel should acknowledge defeat.

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