Why Is President Biden Lying About "Beheaded Israeli Babies"?

Dina Samak , Thursday 12 Oct 2023

US President Joe Biden "confirmed" on Wednesday that he had seen pictures of "Israeli babies beheaded" by Hamas fighters in the Israeli Kibbutz of Kfar Aza, which is located near the Gaza Strip.

Palestinian children
Palestinian children wounded in Israel strikes are brought to Shifa Hospital in Gaza City on Wednesday, Oct. 11, 2023. (AP Photo/Ali Mahmoud)


“I never really thought that I would see and have confirmed pictures of terrorists beheading children. I never thought I’d ever — anyway,” Biden, 80, told a White House roundtable with US Jewish community leaders. 

During the roundtable, President Biden added: "It is important for Americans to see what is happening." 

However, the US president did not bother himself to verify what he claims to have seen.

There is no evidence to support the claim made by Biden.

Journalists, including the ones who broke the news, and the Israeli government, cannot produce any evidence to show for these claims.

Actually, these baseless claims appear to have originated from a reserve Israeli soldier named David Ben Zion.

During a visit by reporters to Kfar Aza, which was organized by the Israeli army, Be Zion told an international  reporter that Palestinian militants had "cut [off] heads of babies." 

This claim was then picked up and amplified by Biden, Netanyahu, and many in the international media without any proof.

However, the journalist who initially reported on the claim later backtracked, saying that she had been told about it by the Israeli army, but had not seen any evidence firsthand. 

Amid the flurry of claims, Bel Trew, Chief International Correspondent at The Independent, clarified on her Twitter account on Wednesday morning ---   that she did not tweet that 40 babies had been beheaded. 

Trew said that she first tweeted that foreign media had been told women and children had been decapitated, but that they had not been shown any actual proof. 

Trew added that she deleted her tweet after realizing that it was too short to explain the full context.

Despite the absence of any evidence, US and international media outlets continued to amplify the claims of "beheaded Israeli babies". 

Hamas refuted these claims, calling them Israeli propaganda. The Palestinian group stressed that it only attacked Israeli military and security targets since the start of its operation on Saturday.

The US president, who did not hesitate for a second since Saturday to show his full support of the Israeli aggression on Gaza, did not bother to do any fact-checking homework before repeating these baseless claims.

It was only after Biden's comments were used as "proof" of the Hamas "atrocities," a spokesman for the White House said that US officials and the president had not seen pictures or confirmed such reports independently, adding that Biden based his comments on claims made by the Israeli media and comments by Netanyahu’s spokesman!

These lies and similar ones are used by supporters of Israel to justify the Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people in Gaza where more than 1200 people have been killed more than 5500 injured and 250,000 homeless and displaced.

Nearly half the 2.3 million Palestinian population of the under-bombing Gaza Strip are children under the age of 18. 

Round-the-clock Israeli airstrikes since Saturday have killed at least 326 Palestinian children in Gaza. 

The Defence For Children, a civil society organization dedicated to defending the human rights of Palestinian children living in the occupied Palestinian territories, has been able to confirm that 105 Palestinian children, including babies, were among the hundreds killed by Israeli airstrikes.

These include babies like six-month-old Diaa' Ahmad Abdulati Salah who left her family and this world too early after Israeli airstrikes on the Jabalia refugee camp. 

These verified facts are not being talked about, shown, or reported on much in the international media.

In a media briefing, the US State Department spokesman Matthew Miller refused to utter a word of criticism for any of the crimes committed by Israel against the Palestinian people in Gaza, who are suffering dire humanitarian conditions with no water, electricity, medicine, or a roof over their heads as they seek shelter - any shelter - from bombs dropped 24/7 by F-16 jet fighters.

Miller can only repeat that “Israel has the right to defend itself” and that the US “supports them"  expecting them to act according to international law. 

He can only say “Israel has the right to conduct an aggressive response to the terrorism that was committed against its citizens.” 

For the Palestinians in Gaza, who endured a 17-year-old debilitating Israeli siege before the 7th of October 2023, the worst is yet to come as Israel prepares for a ground invasion of the strip to destroy more Palestinian homes and lives, including children.

The Biden Administration, and leading members of Congress, are in the process of devising an American aid package of approximately $2 billion in supplementary funding to bolster Israel's war efforts against Hamas, as reported by multiple sources familiar with the matter to TIME.

The US president said it loud and clear "Let there be no doubt. The United States has Israel's back."

This funding is intended to support Israel in replenishing critical supplies, including interceptors for its Iron Dome missile defense system, artillery shells, and various munitions. 

Should it receive approval, this assistance arrives at a pivotal moment for Israel which is preparing for an extended and devastating offensive against Gaza. 

This US funding would come on top of providing more American munitions and redirecting fighter jets and aircraft carriers to support the Israeli war on Gaza. 

Washington already supports its Israeli ally with more than $3 billion annually and countless vetoes in the UN against its long list of crimes against the Palestinian people.

President Biden's lies about "beheaded Israeli babies" simply sugarcoat the bitter truth that the US has chosen to be a partner with Israel in opening the doors of hell on innocent civilians on both sides in Gaza and Israel. 

There can be no doubt that Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, mostly refugees from historic Palestine since 1948 - who bravely survived 75 years of occupation and dispossession and more recently a deadly Israeli siege since 2006 - will not sit and watch their loved ones being killed over and over and again.

When you see this happen: Blame the Oppressor Not the Oppressed. 

As the clock ticks, an Israeli ground invasion of Gaza will destroy the lives of millions not only in Palestine but in the whole region.

The US President and his administration are culprits in the coming “babies massacre".

They, the biased international media that are spreading "fake news", and the whole world that is watching and doing nothing.

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