Hezbollah says it hit Israeli Iron Dome launcher by guided missile

AFP , Ahram Online , Thursday 6 Jun 2024

Lebanon's Hezbollah announced that it hit an Iron Dome air defense system launcher by a guided missile in northern Israel.

File photo- Smoke billows during Israeli bombardment on the southern Lebanese border village of Khiam. AFP


The resistance group confirmed the destruction of the Israeli missile launcher near the northern Israeli settlement of Ramot Naftali. 

A video released by Hezbollah showed a camera view from a projectile flying into an Israeli outpost and striking the Iron Dome launcher. 

The site shown is the same as another Iron Dome battery shown in a video released on Wednesday, which showed the area under drone observation and artillery attack. 

The Israeli military said it is unaware of any damage to an Iron Dome launcher, although it later announced that a soldier was killed in a Hezbollah strike on northern Israel.

The soldier "fell fighting in the north" on Wednesday, the army said in a statement, after two explosive drones were launched from Lebanon against the town of Hurfeish in northern Israel.

Another soldier was seriously wounded and eight more troops were lightly injured in the explosive-laden drone attack near Hurfeish.

Meanwhile Lebanese media reported that one person was killed and another injured in an Israeli strike on a motorbike in Aitaroun in south Lebanon.

Almost eight months of exchanges between Israel and Hezbollah, have intensified over the past week, with Israel striking deeper into Lebanese territory.

The violence since early October has killed at least 455 people in Lebanon, mostly fighters but including 88 civilians, according to an AFP tally.

On the Israeli side, 15 soldiers and 11 civilians have been killed, according to the army.


Harming Israeli security

The United States on Wednesday warned against an "escalation" in Lebanon after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned of an operation, saying conflict would only harm Israeli security.

"We don't want to see that escalation of the conflict which would just lead to further loss of life from both Israelis and the Lebanese people and would greatly harm Israel's overall security and stability in the region," State Department spokesman Matthew Miller told reporters.

Netanyahu, visiting the northern border area, warned Israel was "prepared for a very intense operation" along the border.

The trip comes after nearly daily fire with fighters in Lebanon from Hezbollah.

Miller, however, played down suggestions that war was imminent with Lebanon.

"The statements from the Israeli government saying that they are ready for military operation, if necessary, (are) different than saying that they have made a decision to conduct a military operation," Miller said.

"We are still in a place where we believe they prefer a diplomatic solution," he said.

Miller said the United States understood the "untenable situation for Israel" on its northern border.

"There are tens of thousands of Israeli citizens who cannot return to their homes in the north of Israel because it's not safe to do so because of the... constant Hezbollah shelling and drone attacks in the area," Miller said.

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