Angry protesters try to storm Lebanese government headquarters

AFP , Sunday 21 Oct 2012

Protesters attack cabinet building to force prime minister Miqati to resign; Opposition leader Hariri urges supporters to stay peaceful and leave cabinet area

Police and protesters clash after the funeral of Brig. Gen. Wissam al-Hassan in Beirut, Lebanon (photo: AP)

Lebanese police used tear gas on Sunday to repel demonstrators trying to storm the Serail, the headquarters of Prime Minister Najib Mikati, amid calls for him to resign, an AFP reporter witnessed.

Following the funeral nearby of a senior police officer and opponent of the Syrian regime, "young people headed towards the building in the city centre, but security forces blocked them by firing into the air and using tear gas," a policeman on the scene told AFP.

Lebanon opposition leader Saad Al-Hariri urges calm and asks protesters to leave the streets.

"This protest needs to end, we came to honour our martyrs, we came to protest to a crime to the whole world, we did not come to say that we wanted violence," Hariri told Lebanese Future TV.

Prime Minister Fouad al-Siniora told Future TV: "I accept all emotins of grief but any attempts to storm the Saray (government offices) is unacceptable."


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