President Bashir says 'attack' proves Israel is short-sighted

Ahram Online , Friday 26 Oct 2012

Sudanese president Omar Bashir describes Israel as 'short-sighted,' revealing their paranoia over sweeping political and social changes

Sudan's President Omar Hassan al-Bashir (Photo: Reuters)

Sudanese president Omar Bashir condemned what he described as "Israeli aggression" against his country, as some observers believe Israel was behind the aerial attack on the Yarmouk military manufacturing facility on Wednesday.

During his Eid Al-Adha speech, Bashir said that Israel is "short-sighted" and has confirmed its fear of political and social changes sweeping the region - and Sudan in particular.

He likened the attack to the US bombing of Al Shefa'a pharmaceutical factory in 1998.

Bashir said Sudan will persevere, citing the establishment of tens of factories providing the country with medicine in an unprecedented manner following the Al Shefa'a incident. 

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