Iran indicts 18 American officials, ex-officials

AP , Wednesday 12 Dec 2012

Iran issues indictments against 18 American officials for charging them of involving in "crimes against Iran"

Iran's deputy judiciary chief says the Islamic Republic has issued indictments against 18 unnamed current and former American officials on charges of involvement in "crimes against Iran." His remarks did not indicate that any of the men were present in Iran.

Ebrahim Raisi is quoted by the semiofficial Fars news agency Wednesday as saying that charges against the Americans include involvement in terrorist attacks.

Raisi didn't provide any further details, but Iran has said it plans to complain to the United Nations about alleged U.S. "terror" operations including assassinations of its nuclear scientists.

The Iranian media has hinted that those charged include several American neoconservatives. Tehran last year asked Interpol to help seek the arrest of two former U.S. officials it accuses of supporting assassinations of Iranian officials.

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