Algeria ruling party loses senate majority

AFP , Monday 31 Dec 2012

The National Liberation Front (FLN), Algeria's ruling party, lost its majority in the senate after a partial election

Algeria's ruling party National Liberation Front (FLN) lost its majority in the senate after a partial election on Saturday, local newspaper reports said on Monday.

The FLN, which has a majority in the lower house of parliament with 208 of 462 seats, won just 17 out of the 48 seats that were submitted to a vote. It now has a total of 39 seats, down from its previous 56 in the 144-seat upper house.

The FLN's ally in the government, the Rally for National Democracy (RND) of former premier Ahmed Ouyahia, won 24 seats, an interior ministry statement was quoted as saying. The RND now has 44 seats in the senate.

The senate or National Council is composed of two-thirds elected senators (96 members) and one-third (48) appointed by the head of state.

Senators serve for six years and half of the senate is re-elected every three years.

The Socialist Forces Front of veteran dissident Hocine Ait Ahmed won two seats in the senate election but Islamists did not bag any, the results showed.

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