Libya’s representative to the Arab League resigns

Ahmed Eleiba , Tuesday 22 Feb 2011

Major Abdel-Moneim Al-Huni resigns and asserts that the Gaddafi regime has collapsed and lost its legitimacy


Major Abdel-Moneim Al-Huni, member of the historic leadership council of the Libyan Revolution, said that Muammar Gaddafi, his senior aides and all the leaders of the police and military involved in massacres across the country must be prosecuted. Al-Huni declared in a press statement issued Tuesday that Colonel Gaddafi must step down and immediately release Libya’s Minister of Defence General Abu Bakr Jaber Younes, so he can take charge of the country in the interim period alongside an interim national government.

He added that Gaddafi must leave Libya immediately to prevent further bloodshed and chaos. Otherwise he must face the wrath of the Libyan people who will accept nothing less than his prosecution for the heinous crimes he committed since he came to power. He continued, stressing that Gaddafi’s regime should now be among the refuse of history because it betrayed the motherland and people, and spread destruction, ruin and mayhem.

The regime has failed miserably, and Gaddafi must leave,” stated Al-Huni. “The people have stated their final verdict which cannot be retracted; it is no longer acceptable for Gaddafi to continue another moment in power.”

The ambassador asserted that the actions of Gaddafi’s regime are despicable and scandalous violations of human rights carried out in full view of the world. He stressed the demand to see the Libyan leader tried in light of the death toll and injuries sustained as the revolution of wrath overtaking Libya, which peaked today in the capital Tripoli, continue to rise.

Al-Huni stated that Gaddafi’s regime has completely lost its legitimacy and it is now no longer acceptable for it to remain in power. He emphasised that the Libyan people will never forgive anyone who opens fire at its sons with live ammunition and heavy artillery. He urged the Libyan army to immediately intercede to end the massacres and chaos, noting that at this critical moment senior army officers should side with the homeland and the people and abandon Gaddafi’s terrorist regime.

You who know the honour of military service,” Al-Huni said to the Libyan army. “I urge you to uproot this regime and take over power in order to end the bloodshed and maintain Libya’s strategic interests and the unity of its land and people.”

He further stated that the Libyan people will not forgive anyone who sits on the sidelines while fellow unarmed citizens are killed because they want to express their legitimate rights in a peaceful manner.

Al-Huni strongly criticised the address by Gaddafi’s son Saif Al-Islam on Sunday evening in Tripoli, saying that it contained foolish threats and arrogant positions which demonstrated shallow thinking and deep naivete. He described the address as the last straw as it insulted the people of Libya with its condescending tone and shameless unacceptable threats. Al-Huni asserted that Gaddafi’s regime issued its own death certificate by allowing African mercenaries and government forces to use excessive and criminal violence against unarmed protesters and citizens.

Addressing the people of Libya, he said: “Under such delicate and critical conditions – which we will overcome and our country will recover and become proud, because of the sacrifices and blood of the virtuous martyrs and the struggle of a free, good and great people – I proclaim my uncompromising support of the people and their just claims, along with a number of my peers of free officers in the armed forces.”

Al-Huni announced that he resigned his post as Libya’s representative to the Arab League in solidarity with the revolution of the people and in protest of Gaddafi’s actions. “I declare to the international community, Arab world and every Libyan man and woman that I have resigned my post because it is dishonourable to serve a regime which kills its people and annihilates them in this inhumane manner,” he stated.

Al-Huni revealed that he was in urgent consultations with several national Libyan forces concerning the oppression and tyranny of Gaddafi’s regime and the painful developments which are taking place in the country. He declared that all civic and military forces and parties in Libya have agreed to uphold the demands and slogans of the 17 February Revolution, and liberate the country from the rule of a tyrant. They also pray for the souls of those who were killed for demanding their legitimate rights.

Al-Huni concluded by saying, “we condemn Gaddafi and hold him entirely responsible for what has befallen our people in terms of spilled blood and deaths as a result of brutal and excessive armed force in genocide crimes against humanity.”

He asserted that the great people of Libya will be victorious against the tyrant and his cronies, and will not allow anyone to hijack the blessed revolution or threaten Libyan soil under any circumstances.

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