Former Italy intelligence chief jailed in rendition case

Reuters , Tuesday 12 Feb 2013

Former Italian military intelligence chief sentenced to ten years in jail over kidnapping of Egyptian imam in 2003, who was later flown to Egypt for interrogation

Abu Omar
Hasshan Mustafa Osama Nasr also known as Abu Omar (Photo: Reuters)

A court jailed Italy's former military intelligence chief for 10 years on Tuesday for the kidnapping of an Egyptian Muslim cleric in an operation organised by the United States.

An American former CIA station chief was earlier this month given a seven-year jail sentence after imam Abu Omar was snatched from a Milan street in 2003 and flown to Egypt for interrogation during the US "war on terror".

Milan appeals court judges sentenced Niccolo Pollari, former head of the Sismi military intelligence agency, to 10 years and jailed his former deputy Marco Mancini for nine years.

Former Rome CIA station chief Jeffrey Castelli and two other American officials were convicted in their absence and are unlikely to serve their sentences.

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