Saudi Arabia arrests 149 Al-Qaeda suspects

AP, Saturday 27 Nov 2010

Saudi Arabia has arrested 149 suspected Al-Qaeda militants planning attacks on state and security officials and journalists, the interior ministry said on Friday.

AFP: Saudi Arabia announced on Friday the arrests of 149 Al-Qaeda suspects

Saudi authorities said Friday they arrested 149 Al-Qaeda suspects in a months-long sweep and thwarted attacks inside the kingdom on government officials, media personalities and civilian targets.

Saudi Arabia's anti-terror campaign has largely targeted Al-Qaeda's operations in the kingdom since a series of attacks there began in 2003. Some key militants, however, fled across the southern border to Yemen, where the regional Al-Qaeda branch has re-established a stronghold.

Interior Ministry spokesman Mansour Al-Turki said those arrested had organized themselves into three networks across the kingdom that had no knowledge of one another as well as several independent smaller cells.

Most of the suspects arrested were Saudi; 25 were foreigners, said Al-Turki.

Saudi forces seized weapons and about $600,000 in the raids, he said.

The groups had foreign links, raised funds and trained their members in the use of weapons and making explosives. They also sent some members to areas of conflict outside of Saudi Arabia, he said, without elaborating.

Al-Turki said the sweep was not connected to last month's failed mail bomb plot, which the Yemen-based Al-Qaeda offshoot has claimed it was behind.

Saudi Arabia provided the key intelligence information that led to the last-minute foiling of the plot, in which mail bombs addressed to the U.S. ended up on planes flying out of Yemen. The unexploded bombs were intercepted at airports in Dubai and England.

Al-Turki said those arrested had been planning more than half a dozen attacks against Saudi government and military officials and establishments, as well as civilians and media figures. Some of the attacks were in advanced stages of preparations, he said.

"Uncovering these cells is part of work that never stops," he said. "The security authorities are continuously working to combat this misled group whether inside the kingdom or outside it, as it targets us or others through their abuse of Islam."

He said planning documents and computers were also seized.

Some suspects connected to the plots have not been arrested and some are abroad, he said. Interpol has been informed.

Some of the suspects were contributors to militant forums on the Internet and were identified by their usernames.

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