Obama in Mideast: Assad must go, Hezbollah is a terrorist group

AFP , Thursday 21 Mar 2013

Obama says Assad must step down so Syria's future can begin and demands that foreign governments brand the Lebanese group Hezbollah a 'terrorist organisation'

US President Barack Obama used a major speech in Israel on Thursday to issue a new call on Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to step down so his country's "future can begin."

"America will also insist that the Syrian people have the right to be freed from the grip of a dictator who would rather kill his own people than relinquish power," Obama said in Jerusalem.

US President Barack Obama on Thursday demanded that foreign governments brand Hezbollah a "terrorist organisation," slamming the Lebanon-based militia for attacks on Israelis.

"Every country that values justice should call Hezbollah what it truly is -- a terrorist organisation," Obama said in a major speech in Israel, in remarks apparently aimed at the European Union which has declined to put the group on a list of terrorist movements.

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