UN: Libyan refugee 'crisis' tops 140,000

AP, Tuesday 1 Mar 2011

Fear of a potential humanitarian crisis grows as record numbers flee Libya for Egypt and Tunisia

Refugee officials say more than 140,000 people have fled Libya to Egypt and Tunisia in a growing exodus from Moammar Ghadafi's forces as they kill hundreds and block humanitarian aid to western Libya.

U.N. refugee agency spokeswoman Melissa Fleming said on Tuesday "the situation is reaching crisis point" at the Libya-Tunisia border where authorities say up to 75,000 people have fled Libya since February 20.

That includes 14,000 on Monday, the most to date. Another 15,000 more are expected to cross on Tuesday.
Egyptian authorities say 69,000 people have crossed over from Libya since February 19.

Other aid officials say humanitarian aid workers are being blocked from reaching western Libya and patients reportedly are being executed in hospitals and struck by hidden gunmen in ambulances.
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