Salafists attack police station and theatre in Tunisia

AFP, Saturday 23 Mar 2013

In two separate attacks, groups of hardliner Salafists attack police station and prevent a play in Tunisia from showing

A group of hardliner Salafists raided a police station in north-western Tunisia to kidnap a man they accused of "blaspheme."

Ten Salafists attacked Al-Saliana police station while chasing a man they accuse of "insulting God," a local policeman told AFP.

"The police refused to hand over the man to angry Salafists, so they clashed with the police and parts of the police station were burned during the clashes," the policeman said.

The army arrested three Salafists and sent reinforcements to contain the situation upon the police request, he added.

In a related development, another group of Salafists in Reqab city, located in central-western Tunisia, attacked a local theatre to stop the showing of a play on Tunisia’s political turmoil.

Around 30 to 40 Salafists blocked the entrance of the theatre, preventing the play from being showcased, said the producer of the play Waleed Abdel-Salam. The play was part of a cultural festival on Tunisia’s revolution.

"They attacked the Italian actress, who was taking part in the play, and told her that there was no place for a Jewish women in Tunisia," he said.

Translated from Arabic nd edited

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