Son of UAE coup plot suspect jailed for Tweets

AP , Monday 8 Apr 2013

The son of an activist charged with plotting a coup in the United Arab Emirates is jailed for tweeting 'anti-state conspiracies' from the courtroom


An activist says a court in the United Arab Emirates has sentenced to 10 months the son of one of 94 suspects on trial for alleged anti-state conspiracies because of his Twitter posts from the courtroom.

Monday's decision could lead to further restrictions on attendance at the mass trial, which started last month. Only hand-picked media has been allowed to attend and others, including rights groups, have been blocked.

Prosecutors claim the defendants are linked to an Islamist group seeking to bring down the ruling system in the UAE. The suspects deny the charges.

Rights activist Ahmed Mansour says Abdullah al-Hadidi, whose father is among the group on trial, was charged with publishing "false details" of the hearings in Abu Dhabi.

Mansour says al-Hadidi plans to appeal.

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