Massive explosion of arms warehouse, kills tens of Libyans

(In Rajma, Benghazi), Saturday 5 Mar 2011

Yesterday Rajma has lost 17 firemen, whose department is still trying to put out the fire of the arms warehouse that exploded. Two timed, huge explosions within ten kilometres of each other leave scores dead

Flames are seen after an explosion at an ammunition storage facility at a military base in the rebel stronghold of Benghazi, eastern Libya, on Friday 4 March 2011. (AP)

Eye witness, Ezz el Din Mohammed was in his farm home in Rajma, Benghazi when he says he heard an enormous explosion. At first he thought it was just a thunder storm, but when he went outside to take a look he saw a huge fire.

"10 minutes later I heard another bomb and there was an even bigger explosion and another building 10 kilometres to the south on fire."

Mohammed, along with his brother and neighbours ran to the rescue. "With my own bare hands I carried 10 bodies - they were all dead. I also saw a lot of scattered bodies. No one was alive," said Mohammed. 

Indeed, the huge explosion completely destroyed 10 kilometres2 of stored ammunition, anti-aircrafts and other heavy weapons.

There are an unaccounted number of killed and injured. 

At least 17 firemen died yesterday in the rescue and at least 25 civilians.

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