Arab League holds meeting to denounce Al-Aqsa attacks

Ahmed Eleiba, Sunday 12 May 2013

The Arab League mulls what stance to take regarding attacks on Al-Aqsa Mosque, especially as efforts are underway to resume Arab-Israeli negotiations

Jerusalem's Al-Aqsa Mosque compound is one of Islam's holiest sites (Photo: AFP)

The Arab League held a special meeting Sunday to denounce attacks of Jewish settlers on Al-Asqa Mosque a few days ago, and to decide on a definitive stance to take in that regard.

The attacks also included the arrest of the Mufti of Jerusalem, Mohamed Hussein, for questioning over allegedly inciting "disturbances" at the mosque.

Palestinian representative to the Arab League Barakat El-Farra expressed in the meeting his astonishment at the US-Israeli reaction to the attacks, especially following an Arab delegation's visit to Washington only two weeks ago. The visit aimed to examine the possibility of resuming Arab-Israeli negotiations.  

For his part, the Jordanian delegate said that the Arab League should take a firm position and hurry to hold an urgent Arab summit.

The Algerian delegate stated that Israel took advantage of the deteriorating situation in the Middle East to launch these attacks, committing more human right violations against Arabs, including attacking Syria, suggesting that an open dialogue between Arabs and the international community get underway.

The Moroccan delegate to the meeting said that what is desperately needed is to resist Israel policies, including moving on the Arab front to resist Israeli expansionist plans and save Jerusalem's Arab identity.

Other suggestions included lending moral and financial support to Jerusalem and refusing the shutting down of Palestinian institutions and the confiscation of Palestinian lands.

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