Arab Parliament lags, but calls for urgent session on 22 March

Ahmed Eleiba , Tuesday 8 Mar 2011

The Arab Parliament faces difficulties agreeing on a date where all members – including their Libyan head - can attend the much-needed talks on Arab revolutions

In its first meeting in 2011 on Monday the Arab Parliament calls on the full parliament for an urgent round of talks in Arab League headquarters on 22 March. The talks are to discuss the development of the situation in the region - especially Libya - after mass protests in the region and the governments in Egypt and Tunisia toppled.

Abdel Aziz al-Hassan, head of the political affairs and national security committee in the parliament said in press briefings that the Arab Parliament must be active in the rapid developments taking place, since it represents the will of the Arab people.

When asked why the Arab Parliament did not issue a statement addressing the Arab revolutions, and if it is related to the fact that the head of the parliament (Huda bin Amer) is Libyan, Al-Hassan, replied that they have tried to reach Bin Amer in Libya, but disruptions in communications wouldn’t permit them to comment on the issue publicly.

Al-Hassan also stated that some of the members of the parliament were not able to attend meetings, which legally prevented the parliament from proceeding with its sessions.

He asserts that the administration was in contact with the members of the parliament, adding that there was a general consensus to remain patient in light of the rapidly changing nature of events in Libya.

The goal of the administration of the parliament is currently to get full-participation in the meeting, Al-Hassan stated.

He also commended the decisions of the Arab foreign ministers regarding the situation in Libya and hopes the Arab Parliament’s decision will reach the high expectations set for it.

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