Amr Moussa speaks to Libyan opposition youth group

Ahmed Eleiba , Saturday 12 Mar 2011

Arabs protest in front of Arab League HQ pressing for a firmer stance and an end to bloodshed in Arab states before Arab League discusses no-fly zone

A special session of the Arab League to discuss violence in Libya and Yemen against civilians who are vigorously trying to oust their governments is pre-empted by a sit-in of mostly Yemeni and Libyans who chant “Where’s the Arab nation?” “Where is Amr Moussa?” “The Libyan people await your decision.”

The protesters, who were supported by Arab nationals from various countries, called on the Arab League to declare a firm stance in support of those demanding reform and stop the bloodshed in the two “sister countries.”

As demonstrators crowded in front of the headquarters, Amr Moussa, the secretary general, met with representatives of the 17 February youth from Libya. Moussa’s name is floated as a possible candidate for future Egyptian president, making any talks with him significant.

“We come from Libya bearing the Transitional National Council’s authorisation to meet with the Arab League’s secretary general to convey our demands to the Arab foreign ministers and urge them to take deterrent decisions against the Gaddafi regime and stop the bloodshed,” stated Tahany Sulaiman Al Mubarak, from the 17 February youth prior to the meeting.

“We asked the secretary general to recognise the transitional council presided by Mostafa Abdul-Jalil, and to raise the Libyan flag of independence as opposed to the present one,” she added.

According to the Libyan delegation of five, Moussa confirmed his support for the Libyan people and willingness to adopt any kind of decision to prevent more bloodshed.

Indeed, the Arab League convened primarily to address Libya’s bloody events and unanimously present the league’s stance on the no-fly zone issue. The league was also expected to discuss the Yemeni situation following a bloody crackdown on anti-government demonstrators only hours prior to the meeting.

As for the flag, the secretary general reportedly mentioned it was premature, indicating the necessity of global recognition under a United Nations umbrella.

Participants in the sit-in condemned violence against peaceful protesters criticising the current Arab stance regarding both Libya and Yemen reinstating that “it is the role of Arab nations above any other entity [to support freedom fighters in Libya and Yemen]."

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