Libya PM to announce cabinet reshuffle

AFP , Monday 29 Jul 2013

Libyan PM to reshuffle cabinet in an attempt to curb political gridlock in the country

Libyan Prime Minister Ali Zeidan said Monday he would carry out a reshuffle of his government in the coming days, a move aimed at ending the country's current political crisis.

"Today we chose a figure for the defence portfolio and tomorrow (Tuesday) or the day after we are going to present a list of ministers to the General (National) Congress," the country's highest political authority, Zeidan said.

Libya has not had a defence minister since the removal of Mohammed al-Barghathi from the post in late June.

Zeidan, speaking at a news conference, did not give the names of any of the candidates or other portfolios that will be affected by the reshuffle.

The prime minister also announced the reactivation of the Internal Security Agency to try to stem the violence currently sweeping the country, particularly in the east where there have been several assassinations and killings.

"I understand the population's opposition to this agency that was used by the former regime to repress the people. But without an efficient intelligence body, we cannot stop the attacks," he said the day after two explosions outside the courthouse in second city Benghazi wounded 43 people, according to the latest health ministry toll.

Zeidan said on Friday a ministerial reshuffle would take place "shortly" to cut the number of cabinet members, a move he said was aimed at creating "greater efficiency".

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