Hezbollah criticises Arab military intervention in Bahrain

AFP , Wednesday 16 Mar 2011

Lebanon's Shiite militant group Hezbollah has criticised Arab military intervention in Bahrain, saying it would hamper efforts at finding a peaceful solution to a pro-democracy uprising in the kingdom

"Military intervention and the use of force against a peaceful popular movement will not lead to a solution and will complicate matters while hampering chances of finding a solution," the party said in a statement late Tuesday.

Hezbollah was referring to the deployment of more than 1,000 troops from Saudi Arabia and 500 police from the United Arab Emirates into neighbouring Bahrain to quell mounting anti-government protests.

The protests, led by the country's majority Shiites, prompted Bahrain's Sunni king on Tuesday to declare a three-month state of emergency.

Hezbollah said it was concerned about attacks against the protesters and questioned Washington's role in the latest developments taking place in the strategically and financially important kingdom, home to the US Navy's fifth fleet.

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