Ready to seize regime-controlled sites after US intervention: FSA military leader

Ahram Online, Sunday 1 Sep 2013

Rebel military leader Salim Idriss says the FSA will be aware of the targeted sites ahead of their attack by foreign forces

Salim Idriss
General Salim Idriss (front, 2nd R), leader of the rebel Free Syrian Army, during a visit to the coastal province of Latakia in August (Photo: Reuters)

Salim Idriss, leader of the Supreme Military Council of the Free Syrian Army (FSA), told Al-Arabiya TV Channel on Sunday that the FSA will be aware of the targeted sites – all currently under Bashar Al-Assad's control – ahead of their attack by foreign coalition forces, and will be ready to seize them as soon as they are struck.

Idriss stated that airstrikes by foreign forces were not sufficient to end the war in Syria and that "the end [...] will come through the Syrians themselves," Al-Arabiya quoted him as saying.

US President Barack Obama announced on Saturday he will request the US Congress to approve military action against Syria, stating the importance of winning the support of lawmakers for American democracy.

"I will seek approval for the use of force from the American people's representatives in Congress," Obama said.

"We are glad the president is seeking authorisation for any military action in Syria," AFP news agency quoted House Speaker John Boehner and other senior lawmakers as saying in a statement issued shortly after Obama's announcement. 

The US military strike was expected this weekend, but Obama said Congressional leaders had agreed to schedule a debate upon their return from summer recess on 9 September.

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